Why a 3rd Party

The term "3rd Party" is misleading. What is usually meant by the term is a political party that is neither Republican nor Democratic. The legal term for such a party in most states is "Minor Party". In Michigan, a minor party is one that is ballot qualified, but not allowed to participate in the primary elections and is subject to numerous laws requiring different behaviors than the major parties. The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan is one of the minor parties on the ballot in Michigan.

Many people don't understand why we would be involved in the development of a "3rd Party", or minor party. The underlying thought is that minor party people should get involved in saving the Republican Party instead of wasting our precious energy and resources on something that is perceived to be weakening the Republican Party.

This can be answered with just a few bullet points.

1. The makeup of US Taxpayers Party supporters is former Republicans and former Democrats, as well as a few others. For Republicans to think that we are taking from only their frustrated supporters and membership is haughtiness at its best.

2. When it comes to political parties, it's not location, location, location, it's platform, platform, platform, and acting in accordance to that platform. Constitutional adherence is also of the utmost importance. Reading the party platforms and the Constitutions is a real eye opener when deciding with which political party one should be aligned.

3. Can a Republican candidate run as a Democrat in good conscience for the sake of political expediency? Can a Democrat run as a Republican for like reasons? They are scorned for doing so. Why then, are minor party candidates expected to violate their conscience in order to run as a major party candidate?

4. In elections perceived to be of great importance (Presidential, US Senate, US House, etc.), many, if not most Republicans and Democrats have to hold their noses, voting for a candidate whom they do not want, in order to keep the perceived worse candidate from winning. How foolish is that? Such a vote is also a vote against the best candidate for the job, who is usually found on a minor party ballot!

5. Minor party candidates are nominated by the party as opposed to undergoing the primary election process. This allows a more stringent vetting and screening process, which not only usually produces "higher quality" candidates, but also allows the party to hold the candidate more accountable to the party platform.

6. The Republican Party élites were working hard to keep Donald Trump from winning the primary elections in 2016. Why are they circumventing the will of the Republican voters? Whether or not you like or appreciate Donald Trump, this should be throwing red flags all over the field for Republicans.

7. If Abraham Lincoln would have felt the same way as major party supporters about "3rd Parties", the Republican Party would have never been born and America would still be involved in slavery. Of course, the sovereignty of the states would still be intact, and the federal government would be much smaller than it is, and with much less spending.

According to Gallop Poll, 62% of Americans want to see a "3rd Party". America, the "3rd Party" is already here. We've worked hard to build it. Now it's your turn. Start voting accordingly. It's not too late!
About the USTPM

The USTPM would like to challenge voters to get informed and take a proactive role in ensuring a good future for our posterity. Their well being is solely dependent upon our current actions.

We are a ballot qualified party, which means we can slate candidates and get them on the ballot each general election. We present them to you, the voter, for consideration.

Please take the time, do the research and vote for the most qualified.

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