Statement of Purpose

US Taxpayers Party of Michigan

Upholding the Constitution

The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan shares your concern that our elected leaders are corrupting our government by neglecting to follow their constitutional boundaries. We believe adherence to the constitutions of our federal and state governments is essential for the preservation of our society, our rights and our liberties. It is upon these foundations that our nation became the greatest nation in all of history – the greatest nation ever. For several decades our lawmakers have been abusing the power entrusted to them and bringing about detriment to our liberties and to our nation. It cannot continue forever. There will be a sad ending to this story if left unchecked.

ustpm goal by howard phillipsThe foundations cannot be repaired using new ideas. It cannot be repaired by implementing “Change”. It must be repaired by adhering to the principles upon which it was established. Anything short of that will result in continued failure, continued loss of liberties, continued loss of freedom, and progressive misery upon the American people.

Our purpose is to preserve the Constitution, and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through the election of U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan candidates, who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Party Platform, to all levels of government.

It is our goal to limit the federal government to its delegated, enumerated, Constitutional functions and to restore American jurisprudence to its original Biblical common-law foundations.

If you believe in the principles of inherent individual rights upon which these United States were founded...

That each individual is endowed by his Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are the rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness;

That the freedom to own, use, exchange, control, protect, and freely dispose of property is a natural, necessary and inseparable extension of the individual’s inalienable rights;

That the legitimate function of government is to secure these rights through the preservation of domestic tranquility, the maintenance of a strong national defense, and the promotion of equal justice for all;

That history makes clear that left unchecked, it is the nature of government to usurp the liberty of its citizens and eventually become a major violator of the people’s rights; and

That, therefore, it is essential to bind government with the chains of the Constitution and carefully divide and jealously limit government powers to those assigned by the consent of the governed.

...we would like to invite you to join hands with the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan as we endeavor to repair the foundations on which this great nation was built.
About the USTPM

The USTPM would like to challenge voters to get informed and take a proactive role in ensuring a good future for our posterity. Their well being is solely dependent upon our current actions.

We are a ballot qualified party, which means we can slate candidates and get them on the ballot each general election. We present them to you, the voter, for consideration.

Please take the time, do the research and vote for the most qualified.

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