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America is unique because of its Constitution, based on the principles of liberty set forth in our Declaration of Independence.  These two documents limit government power, allowing freedom and free enterprise to flourish.  The year 2020 is a critical year for Americans to be focused on restoring constitutionally limited government at all levels.

In the coming year, Americans will again have the opportunity to elect constitutionally minded individuals in their states to represent them locally, statewide, and nationally.  We will also be electing a new President of the United States.  You and I must make the most of this tremendous opportunity by promoting and electing men and women, who will govern lawfully, with knowledge and wisdom, and thereby restore a nation that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people once again. 

This year has been one of the greatest years in the history of the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM).  We have made changes in our strategic planning; the greatest of which is the advancement of the party by the development of County Committees.  We have exceeded our goals for the year, now having existing County Committees or groups meeting to start a Committee in 20 of Michigan’s 83 counties!!  Among the state affiliates of the Constitution Party, Michigan is the leader in party growth, insomuch as we have been asked by the national party to develop a program to assist the other affiliated states with doing the same.

We currently have two people occupying partisan offices in the state.  Mary Sears is the Supervisor of Franklin Township in Houghton County and Gary Wnuk is a County Commissioner in Alcona County.  Both will be running for re-election on the USTPM ballot this next year.

The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan plans not only to educate the public, but also to promote qualified men and women, placing candidates on the ballot with integrity and moral character.  Our elected representatives must have the knowledge of American history and understand the Constitution that they have sworn to uphold.  Integrity, moral character, and fortitude are essential for the proper application of that knowledge to the duty of public office.banner verticle 2

Our unofficial motto is “Good Governance”.  The only way to bring sense back to our governments is to have candidates elected that will govern properly, in line with our Constitutions (federal AND state).  Democrats and Republicans have proven their inability to produce more than just a few good candidates, but even those that support good policy fall short of understanding and adherence to the Constitutions.  No other minor party is stepping to the plate either.  Only the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan and the Constitution Party nationally are producing by providing qualified candidates.

Please join us and be a part of our 2020 Vision for America by restoring our nation to its greatness, promoting freedom and liberty for all.  We must change the minds of the voters to the fact that the USTPM is on the ballot with qualified men and women who love this country.  We are pleased with the many patriots who have already come forward to candidate for various offices.  It is encouraging to have several volunteers surface recently; people to work on committees, support candidates, manage projects, and contribute financially.  These are the elements necessary to accomplish the task at hand. 

As you consider a financial contribution to our 2020 Vision Annual Fund Drive, will you also consider being actively involved in the preservation of our great nation?  The 1828 Webster Dictionary defines the word patriot as one “A person who loves his country, and zealously supports and defends it and its interests”.  Our ballot qualified status and aggressive grass roots efforts make us the political party of preference for that patriot who is ready to run for office or get involved assisting those who are. 

We are embarking upon a great year for the USTPM! We are seeing tremendous growth with great people in leadership positions.  Our platform is superior to any other party, and we promise to hold our candidates to the platform.

We are working hard to earn your support.  As Chairman, I would like to ask three things of you.

      Will you

  1. Vote for USTPM candidates?
  2. Get involved in a county committee where you can be of great influence?
  3. Send a donation?

Our 2020 Vision is a great undertaking and requires a great amount of time and money.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

William Mohr

Chairman, US Taxpayers Party of Michigan

become an ustpm candidate
become an ustpm candidate


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About the USTPM

The USTPM would like to challenge voters to get informed and take a proactive role in ensuring a good future for our posterity. Their well being is solely dependent upon our current actions.

We are a ballot qualified party, which means we can slate candidates and get them on the ballot each general election. We present them to you, the voter, for consideration.

Please take the time, do the research and vote for the most qualified.

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