US Taxpayers Party of Michigan

2019 State Convention Results

On February 23rd, 2019, The US Taxpayer's Party of Michigan held its 2019 State Convention. State Central Commitee officers and members were nominated and voted into office.

The following individuals were elected as officers of the State Central Comitte:

Comittee Chairman -- Bill Mohr

1st Vice Chairman -- Christine C. Schwartz

2nd Vice Chairman -- Matthew Sheapard

The following individuals were elected as members of the State Central Committee:

1st District -- Tim Sears, Mary Sears

2nd District -- Ronald E. Graeser

3rd District -- Mark Petzold

4th District -- Christopher Comden, George Huffman

6th District -- Steve J. Young

7th District -- Joe Sanger, Gloria Sanger

8th District -- DelRae Finnerty

13th District/Wayne County -- Marc Joseph Sosnowski