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Do the Research

banner horizontalThe USTPM would like to challenge voters to get informed and take a proactive role in ensuring a good future for our posterity. Their well being is soley dependant upon our current actions.

We are a ballot qualified party, which means we can slate candidates and get them on the ballot each general election. We present them to you, the voter, for consideration.

Please take the time, do the research and vote for the most qualified.

The Goal

“Our simple, straightforward intention is to cut the Federal government down to Constitutional size, and to restore the separation of powers, the checks and balances, and the systems of accountability postulated by the Framers.”
Howard Phillips, Founder of the Constitution Party
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Party With Two Names

Party With Two Names
There is a lot of confusion about the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan name. Why, if we are affiliated with the Constitution Party, don't we just change our name?

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National Party Platform

National Party Platform
The US Taxpayers Party also subscribes to the national platform, which is the only national platform that is in accordance with our fathers and RIGHT for AMERICA!!!

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More Good News

More Good News
Among Minor Parties, the Constitution Party (US Taxpayers Party) is the only political party that retained ballot access in every state in which it ran candidates in the November, 2018 election. More evidence of its growing strength.

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2018 Joe Sanger


U of M Letter

Beta Gamma Sigma


"To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.
We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude" -- Thomas Jefferson
“I think we have more institutions of Government than are necessary–too many parasites living off the labor of the industrious!” –Thomas Jefferson

August 2, 2018



We all know the travails of Michigan State University: these include, Nassarism, sexual assaults, professors use of classroom time paid for by students to promote their political ideology, harassment, disruption of student group meetings by students militantly opposed to free speech with shich they disagree, “snowflakes” who need their blankey if another student expresses anywhere on campus a statement with which they disagree, and the outrages tuition increases which saddle students with a lifetime of unnecessary debt. From the Autumn of 1955 to June of 2017, MSU’s annual tuition has increased by 9.67 times the rate of inflation – an outrageous and totally unconscionable price increase.

a. Most of these problems (and injuries at fraternity or sorority initiations) occur to a greater or lesser extent at Colleges and Universities everywhere. They are not exclusive to Michigan State University.
b. Unless the entire campus and all of its residence halls and fraternities and sororities are policed 24 hours a day whenever there are any students on campus, student safety cannot be 100% guaranteed by ANY University President.
c. Unless ALL student speech is totally banned, there is no way that ANY university can totally protect the sensitive ears of any snowflake or militant radical on campus from ever hearing a new idea or an idea they find distasteful.

There is a simple way to solve all of these problems.

Today’s universities are still using the same method of instruction that was used by European Universities 800 years ago. Students are required to live on or near campus and meet for classes in lecture halls that can accommodate a limited number of students.

It’s time for American Universities to come out of the middle ages and into the 21st century! Today’s technology permits online instruction of an unlimited number of students each learning on at-home computer. Students at the University of Michigan Medical School are already given the option (For at least some of their classes) of either attending lectures or of watching on their own computer.

Universities can improve the quality of education by providing lecture tapes licensed from America’s best instructor in every course–for study on a computer in the safety and comfort of each student’s own home.

Students can report to testing centers in major cities for mid-term and final examinations.

Students who meet the course requirements and pass their examinations should receive their degrees–all without ever needing to set foot on a University campus!

No expensive administration procedures are required. Anyone who pays the $1,436 annual tuition fee (inflation adjusted 1955-1956 tuition should be admitted. Each student may personally determine if he or she qualifies for admission and prove it by passing the required course examinations.

Universities do not need blocks of residence halls, lecture halls, an army of highly paid instructors and admissions eligibility determination administrators.

By learning at home, each student is assured safety from all campus dangers and each MSU student can save each year $9,784 in residence hall fees and at a tuition rate of $1,436 per year an additional $12,627 a year in tuition. Total Savings: $22,411 per year.

Students should not be saddled with a lifetime of unnecessary debt!

And why, you may ask, has this system not already been implemented? The answer is simple–too many unnecessary administrators, staff, and instructors are making too much money by mercilessly ripping off our kids and inflicting on them a lifetime of unnecessary debt!

At the dawn of the industrial age some factory workers opposed the installation of the production line because they thought that it would eliminate jobs, but today’s mass production has given American workers the highest standard of living of any country in the world! And today, reactionary University officials are opposing progress to prevent the dawn of a new age of highly educated and debt-free Americans.