Thomas Paine quoteBe a Part of the Solution!

Here’s how…

Run for Office – Become a Candidate

The US Taxpayers Party is a ballot qualified party.  We cannot bring true change by wishing and hoping.  It must be done through the election of good candidates into public office.  Consider running for public office and influence the decisions made by your local, state and federal government that directly impact your life, money and activities.  Get started HERE. You may also print and mail the form from here.

Donate and/or Become a Party Member

Become a member with a donation today.  Any donation of $35 or more gets you a single membership in the US Taxpayers Party and a donation of at least $45 gets a family membership.  There are numerous benefits to membership.  Members can hold offices within the party and are eligible to vote at conventions, to name a couple.

Be active in a County Committee

The USTPM is actively seeking individuals who desire to be involved on a local level.  Organize or work within a County Committee.  Contact us for more information.

Assist Candidates

Help those who are running.  Contact us for more information.