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USTPM / Constitution Party Opposes National Popular Vote

NBC Poll Shows Republicans and Democrats Split

US Taxpayers Party / Constitution Party, in a unanimous decision at its Spring National Committee Meeting in Milwaukee on Saturday, passed a Resolution In Opposition to National Popular Vote.  The resolution states, "the American Founders purposefully created a republic wherein powers were divided and subdivided to guard against the ultimate accrual and consolidation of power...and...this effort to move to direct election of the president by the people will virtually destroy the last vestiges of our magnificent republic..."

A recent NBC News / Wall Street Journal report dated May 6 shows that the two major parties are split on this issue.  The US Taxpayers Party (Michigan's Constitution Party affiliate) understands the vital importance of leaving the Electoral College intact.  To disrupt this crucial element to our Republic is to place the final straw on the back of the Republic.  The states would be crippled and, though many believe that the majority would rule, in fact the majority of those in largely populated areas would rule, leaving millions without influence. 

Under a National Popular Vote, a presidential candidate would not be campaigning in such states as Kansas, Iowa, the Dakotas or Nevada, for instance.  He or she would be focusing all their attention on the few large cities in the nation.  It would be the major cities that would elect the President.  If voters understood this, they would be much more apt to reject the National Popular Vote.

The USTPM / Constitution Party also passed a Border Crisis Resolution and a Resolution Opposing Red Flag Laws.

Convention Results

On February 23rd, 2019, The US Taxpayer's Party of Michigan held its 2019 State Convention. State Central Commitee officers and members were nominated and voted into office.

The following individuals were elected as officers of the State Central Comitte:

Comittee Chairman -- Bill Mohr

1st Vice Chairman -- Christine C. Schwartz

2nd Vice Chairman -- Matthew Sheapard

The following individuals were elected as members of the State Central Committee:

1st District -- Tim Sears, Mary Sears

2nd District -- Ronald E. Graeser

3rd District -- Mark Petzold

4th District -- Christopher Comden, George Huffman

6th District -- Steve J. Young

7th District -- Joe Sanger, Gloria Sanger

8th District -- DelRae Finnerty

13th District/Wayne County -- Marc Joseph Sosnowski