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March 23 Meeting Results

SCC Renews Its Commitment to Change It's Name

In 1992, the national US Taxpayers Party changed its name to the Constitution Party.  Numerous state governments allowed state affiliates of the party to simply change their names to Constitution Party in order to stay consistent with the national party.  The state of Michigan, more specifically Republican Secretaries of State however, have refused to allow the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan to do so.

Over the years, this has created a great deal of voter confusion.  For instance, at elections in which we vote for President of the United States, the Constitution Party candidate appears on Michigan's ballot as a US Taxpayers Party candidate.  Throughout the campaign, he/she is promoted as a Constitution Party candidate because he/she received the nomination from the Constitution Party Convention.  Unless voters are fully aware of the name differences, they will not make that connection.

At the State Central Committee (SCC) meeting on Saturday, the SCC unanimously voted to reaffirm it's commitment to get the name changed, and commissioned Chairman, William Mohr to contact Jocelyn Benson, Secretary of State and ask for a hearing on that matter. 

Jocelyn Benson is a Democrat and might be more inclined to consider the voter confusion problem. 

There are other options available to accomplish the task.  The first is to reorganize under the new name, but that would require getting tens of thousands of signatures to register with the state as a new party.  The expense of this would be astronomical.  The second is to simply sue the state which is a more reasonable option, but so far has been rejected by the SCC for various reasons.

County Expansion Committee

Also, at the SCC meeting, Chairman Mohr established a new standing committee to expand our presence in Michigan.  It is the County Expansion Committee and will be Chaired by Mary Sears and co-Chaired by her husband, Tim.  Tim and Mary are from Houghton County and doing a great job in the UP.

The purpose of this committee is to recruit new county committees and mentor them as they grow.  The goal is to start three new committees this year, which is an obtainable goal and will help the party greatly in its presence and public awareness of the party.  Stay tuned.

To get involved at the local level, please reply to this email and let us know.

County Commissioner Leaves Republican Party for USTPM

Gary Wnuk, Alcona County Commissioner, left the GOP on Saturday and joined the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan.  Commissioner Wnuk has been increasingly frustrated with the inability or unwillingness to appropriately address important issues and stated that he aligns more closely with the US Taxpayers Party platform.  While in office, he made the change.  This is an important step and is slowly becoming a trend.

Welcome aboard Gary. 

Meeting of the State Central Committee

Next Meeting - April 27, 2019

Delhi CafeThe next State Central Committee Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 27, at the Delhi Cafe, 4625 Willoughby Road, Holt, MI  48842.  The meeting will begin immediately following the County Conventions, followed by a menu lunch.

These meetings are open to the public and are a good place to become acquainted with the party and/or find a place to become more involved.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. 


castle 2016 header

Podcasts from 2016 POTUS Candidate, Darrell Castle

We encourage everyone to listen in to Darrell Castle as he presents brilliant commentary on national and world events, as only he can.  Darrell Castle is one of the most knowledgeable men on current events found today, and offers practical and constitutional solutions to the current troubles we are facing.

Scott Bradley

Learn about the Constitution from Dr. Scott Bradley, PhD

Join 2016 Constitution Party Vice-Presidential Nominee and author of “To Preserve the Nation“, Dr. Scott Bradley, for FREE Educational Webinars, Constitutional Articles, Videos, and more at!

County Committees

Help us grow

There is strength in numbers and the way to grow a strong political party is to start new, and strengthen existing county committees. 

Anyone interested in working with the party on a local level, please contact us.  If there is not currently an organization in your county, we can work with you to organize one and get it off the ground. 

Is there not a cause?  Left to the Republicans and Democrats, we will continue to have more of the same; an increase in tyranny and the rapid decent from constitutional law.  Replacing the two major parties and their ignorance of Good Governance is long overdue.

Help save the Republic!

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