The Great Mistake

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US Taxpayers Party of Michigan

The Great Mistake


Dear Visitor,

Desired results are achieved only through appropriate action.

We live in a nation of states that has so lost its understanding of what is good and just for the masses, that a collective determination of the proper goal is all but hopeless.  A brief survey of primary election vote count substantiates this.

For example, Bernie Sanders is a self proclaimed Democratic Socialist.  A reasonable evaluation would then lead us to understand that he is also a liar or a deceiver, or both.  He is a Socialist, but is perfectly willing to swear to uphold the Constitution, which is contrary to his Socialist doctrines.  His current status in the POTUS primaries indicates that about half the Democratic voters, and certainly a significant number of all voters, believe Bernie Sanders is the best option among the candidates.

Apply the same thought process to the way any of the candidates are received by voters.  Donald Trump is speaking appealing words that are being welcomed by a majority of the Republicans.  "Make America Great Again" is his slogan, but the principles embraced by Trump are not the principles that made America great the first time.  Yet, a large number of voters believe Trump will accomplish this task.

So we find an ignorance among the electorate which forbids the discovery of the correct goal.  If a strong majority of the people cannot see clearly enough to know which way to walk, how can we ever expect to arrive at the proper destination?  To compound the problem, someone has tampered with the road signs.  Through the elimination of our established principles in education, and the modern Church's unwillingness to address truth, the maps and directions have been stolen.

The majority of Americans now find themselves without much hope.  They can perceive we are not following the right path or moving in the right direction.  They give Congress and the President a very poor approval rating, but continue to elect those who take it down the same path.  We are 350 million people all lost in the wilderness and saying, "We need to walk this direction".  "No, we must go that way".  "No, I think this way will give us the best result".  There is so little understanding and knowledge of truth.  We are divided.

If those lost, however, would stop to listen.  The map templates are still available to any who are willing to consider them.  Our fore-fathers left us annals, documents and landmarks; however, as Solomon stated, diligent study is grievous.  So "ONWARD WITH IGNORANCE" is the order of the day. "I'll vote for the candidate that seems like he or she cares the most and will do the right thing."

Yet, it is not these voters that pose the greater problem.  The greater problem lies with, and THE GREAT MISTAKE is made by, those who know way, those who remember the map and have studied the notes written by those who have travelled ahead, but base their vote in fear.  They choose to align with those who are travelling a wrong path because "everyone knows those who are on the right path can't get enough followers. Everyone knows the good and qualified candidate can't possibly win. We can't risk having the REALLY wrong candidate win. We must vote for the SLIGHTLY LESS wrong candidate to keep it from happening.

The problem with that line of thought is that it is usually employed by a majority of voters. Reflect back to the 2008 Presidential election and try to answer a couple of questions.

How many people voted for John McCain, not because they thought he was good for America, but rather because they could not bear the thought of Barack Obama winning the election? It is certain it was a majority of Republican voters.

How many people voted for Barack Obama because they understood Bush was a terrible President and they could not bear the thought of having another Republican winning the election? Though maybe not a majority, the numbers were unquestionably significant.

What would have happened if those who voted against a candidate would have voted for the best qualified candidate instead? Chuck Baldwin, on the US Taxpayers Party ballot, was without question the most qualified and the best man for the job. Had America voted the most qualified, Baldwin might or might not have won, but either way, it would have changed American politics for good and forever.

This November 8, please do your homework and vote for the best qualified candidates for all offices including the office of President of the United States. Darrell Castle and his running mate, Scott Bradley are the right men for the job. Like no other candidates, they have what it takes in all respects to accomplish the tasks needed for a healthy America as our fathers prescribed it.

The State Central Committee of the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan has established a special fund for the candidates. To donate to that fund, please send a check to USTPM Candidate Fund, 2395 - 144th Ave, Dorr, MI 49323. As will all political donations, election law requires contributors to provide their occupation, employer and employer address.

If there is anything you have questions about, or you would like to volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact us on the website at

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