Hit the Ground Running

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USPTM Leaps Forward!

We've hit the ground running!

The newly elected State Central Committee has begun the work immediately after its election. 

On Saturday, the elected Chairmen of the Standing Committees met in Martin, Michigan to hold a day long Strategic Planning Session.  Several committee members were present as well.

The meeting began with a presentation from the State Central Committee Chairman. Then each of the Committee Chairmen expressed their plans and desires for the future activities of their committee.  That was followed by a thorough review in which all who were present inserted their ideas as to how each of the committees should function, and how the committees can work together to grow the party.

The Strategic Planning Session was a huge success!  Goals were set and a flood of new ideas entered the arena.  The USTPM is on the move.  Watch us grow!

From the Chair

Bill Mohr

We have a unique and powerful team!

I was proud of all who attended the Strategic Planning Session on Saturday.  We have the greatest team of Standing Committee Chairmen and members since the beginning of this party as far as I'm concerned.

The Finance Committee is Chaired by Mark Petzold from Grand Rapids.  Mark is fairly new to the party.  He ran a strong and expensive campaign for Kent County Commissioner last year.  I was very impressed as I watched him (and helped with a motorcycle campaign tour around Grand Rapids) put everything he had into it.  Thanks Mark for all you are doing.

The Membership Committee is Chaired by Christine Schwartz of Dorr.  Christine is the former Chairman of the Finance Committee and did a marvelous job performing the tedious tasks associated with it.  She has a heart to increase the membership of the party and has a good vision and the creativity to do the job well.

The Campaign Committee is again chaired by Marc Sosnowski.  Marc is a long time member and supporter of the US Taxpayers Party.  He is active, involved and willing to tackle the demanding job of Campaign operations and candidate vetting.  This is a very important part of not only moving the party forward, but ballot access maintenance and electorate perception as well.

The Communications Committee is also Chaired by a newcomer to the party.  Doug Levesque came to us last year to run as a candidate for State Board of Education.  Doug is President of the Bible Nation Society and has a great deal of experience in communications and procedural operations.  As a former pastor of a church of several hundred and being involved in numerous organizations, including the Michigan Association of Christian Schools (MACS), Doug has what it takes to accomplish this very important task.

I am thrilled with this lineup.  Along with them, we have several committed standing committee members to assist them. 

The party will soon be benefiting from the hard work and efforts of this group of individuals.  As they develop new programs and procedures, the growth of the party will be blantently apparent.  I am looking forward to it.


Support and Involvement

Where there is growth and increased public influence, there is also a need for more support and involvement.  Please consider a financial contribution to the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan.  Click HERE to donate.  There are benefits to membship also.  You will be seeing more on that in weeks to come.

Would you like to be a part?  Let us help you learn how to be influential in your community, state and nation.  Contact us HERE.
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