POTUS Debate Video Available

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US Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM)

2016 POTUS Debate Video Available


Dear Visitor,

The POTUS debate video is now available for viewing HERE!

We regret that Richard Matkin, from Hazel Park, Michigan dropped out of the race prior to the debate.  Richard, we missed you and wish you all the best.

Brian Briggs, from Armory, Mississippi was not able attend the debate due to a medical emergency that morning.  He had to cancel at the last minute.  Briggs expects to be at the convention in Salt Lake in April to continue his campaign.  We do not yet have an update on the situation with Mrs. Briggs.

Moderator Levesque did a masterful job with ordering the debate process and question development.  State Representative Tom Hooker delivered a much needed message on integrity and the need for it in government and public life.

What a wonderful day it was; so informative and inspiring.  One attendee said, "I was at the Republican debate in Detroit.  What an embarrassment in comparison to what we heard here today!"

Next, it's on to Salt Lake City to the national convention.  It is to that convention that states from all over the nation send delegates in order to craft the 2016 Constitution Party platform and nominate their pick for President of the United States.  Michigan has the second highest number of delegates to the convention, which allows Michigan the pleasure of a great deal of influence in the process.

A hardy "Thank You" to all who worked so hard to make this POTUS debate a success.  Thank you to all who attended, financed and worked at the debate.  We've once again led the nation in hosting the best, and the most informative Presidential Candidate Debate in the 2016 race.  It was truly a success and will provide great information for all those who will be making the tough decisions in Salt Lake City in April.
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