Smaller Government is Not Enough

The age-old question arises from its dark grim coffin once again.  Who won the budget showdown last night?  The answer is the same as it usually is, no one.  At least, no red blooded constitutional thinking, American Patriot.  Everyone who stayed up and watched the progress of this fiasco was witness to a thrilling example of incompetence. 

Tea Party activists were betrayed by the Republicans they fought so hard to elect.  Obama Care was not defunded.  There was only 40 billion dollars of spending cuts (I'll get to that in a minute), Boehner failed to hold his ground on Planned Parenthood funding which will result in a continuation of the same and lawmakers will be pressured to add another 2 trillion or so to the debt ceiling in a couple of months because of it.

We have not yet seen the itemized list of spending cuts.  Whether actual cuts, reductions in budget increase or a combination of the two remains to be seen.  Either way, there are no victories here.

What does 40 billion dollars look like?  A stack of 40 billion dollar bills would reach 2721 miles high.  For the record, 2721 miles would take you from New York City to Los Angeles, and the international space station orbits the earth at an altitude of 218 to 221 miles.  If laid end to end, 40 billion dollars would reach to the moon and back over 8 times!  That's one huge spending cut...right?

Then again, let's consider this from a slightly different perspective. 

  • 40 billion dollars is only 4% of the amount we spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts to date.
  • The Cash for Clunkers program cost Americans a cool 3 billion.
  • One program of HUD, the Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program, alone cost over 19 billion dollars, almost half the amount of the spending cuts.
  • Considering the unconstitutional Department of Education's 2012 budget request was over 50 billion, and they administer over 69 billion in unconstitutional discretionary appropriations, a whopping 40 billion in federal spending cuts just doesn't seem to be relevant.
  • Do you remember the 800 billion poured into a failed stimulus program? Forty billion dollars is only 5% of that program.

Speeches and announcements by Boehner and numerous other Republicans echoed with the idea that we need smaller government.  As I pondered these things last night, I began to question the wisdom of a quest for smaller government.  Where is the standard?  If it is smaller government we desire, that goal was obtained last night.  The federal government will be spending less and we all potentially saved $133.33, our individual part of 40 billion.

Our lawmakers accomplished nothing of significance last night.  Forty billion dollars is pocket change to them, relatively speaking.  There was no victory, not to Republicans, Democrats or the American people.

We need a gauge by which to measure the successes of our lawmakers.   What are really looking for?  I suggest the U.S. Constitution is the only standard needed.  The Constitution is the law that governs lawmakers.  It is the governor of government.

The Constitution forbids the United States Government liberty to legislate activity, "not delegated to it by the Constitution".  This budget agreement funds numerous entities not delegated to the United States Government.  These entities are simply unconstitutional, making this budget illegitimate.

The 112th Congress, under the leadership of John Boehner, should have produced a bill defunding the Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, HUD, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Homeland Security, participation in the United Nations, FEMA and the tens of thousands of other unconstitutional activities of the Federal Government.  A refusal to cooperate in negotiations should have followed.  Upon the event of a shutdown of the government, they would have succeeded in a properly managed constitutional government.  It all begins in the House.

For purposes of clarification, a so-called government shutdown ceases only "non-essential" activity.  The military, elected leaders and other essential operations remain fully intact.

Elected lawmakers wishing to leave a legacy of success must begin legislating in accordance with specific constitutional requirements and principles.  Anything short will develop a perception of betrayal by present and future Patriots having reasonable levels of understanding.

The President took an oath to, "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States".  Each Congressman took an oath to, "support and defend the Constitution of the United States".  Every Congressman, regardless of party affiliation, who votes for this bill, should be removed from office as quickly as possible.

The American people must begin using our constitutional ruler to determine their elected Representatives' value.  Budget reductions are woefully inadequate.  Strict constitutional adherence alone will sufficiently address and correct almost every social and economic concern with which we currently struggle.

Local Politics

The old adage, "All politics is local" is oft quoted, but not so often applied.

Over the last two years, as Chairman of the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that all politics is unquestionably local.  I have watched as people look to Washington for answers and as people blame Washington for the problems.  Elections tend to get people talking about the presidential candidates, but little is spoken about School Board candidates, County or City Commissioner or Township Trustee candidates.  Very few bother to even show up at the polls for these elections.

I have also watched with a great deal of curiosity as local officials have openly violated and stated their intent to violate the natural and lawful rights of the people of their districts, and it goes by without so much as a turned head from the people.  Property rights have been grossly infringed upon, unfunded mandates are often placed upon residents of communities, churches have been required to obtain business licenses and local laws are being set in place that will, upon circumstantial implementation severely restrict the freedoms we now enjoy.  Very few people even realize it.  They don't take the time to attend public meetings that so directly influence their lives and the lives of their children.

This is not an article intended to scold anyone for apathy, although the case can easily be made.  Rather, I intend to offer hope to the reader.  My desire is certainly that every American be involved to some degree in the political processes that govern their lives.  Believing that cannot happen, based on the historical fact that it never has, I retain hope that my message of hope will be well taken, and that readers will see a method of solution that they have so long desired.

Allow me to first expose you to some of the recent activity I have seen firsthand from local governments in the Grand Rapids area.

In one of Grand Rapids' suburb cities, already known to some of my readers, the City Clerk had decided to begin enforcing an ordinance that had been put into place some years prior; an ordinance requiring religious organizations (churches included) to adhere to the city's business licensing requirements.  It was done under the umbrella of a concern for the safety of the fire department and other emergency crews that might respond to a call to the establishment.  The city just needed to know about any potential threats lurking in the building.

There were numerous problems associated with this ordinance, only some of which I will address here.  First, the ordinance was enacted without notice long before the enforcement began.  This is true in many cases currently.  Are you familiar with the ordinances, enforced or not, in your local government?  You might be surprised as to the ordinances in place, but not yet enforced.  Yes, I'm talking about your local government.

In this case, once a church submitted the business license application as required by the city, it placed itself under many unconstitutional and unreasonable regulations, which again, were already in place but not yet enforced.  These regulations included the city being able to search the premises and records of the church at their discretion "with or without a search warrant."  The city also demanded the right to give the City Clerk the sole liberty to withdraw a business license at his/her will, at which time the business is required to cease doing business until a license is again obtained.  This means that the City Clerk is able to shut down the operations of a church at his or her unchecked will. 

Then there is another suburb city in which the City Manager is pushing for an ordinance that would require every new residential property, even owner occupied, to install a $3000 sprinkler system in the name of saving their fire department money.  This is the same city that recently began requiring inspections and licensing for rental property, not that the former was causing problems in any way, but that the latter increases revenue and sounds good in discussions regarding public safety.  This is the same city that recently asked for a tax increase to ensure the retention of police and fire services, and then expanded their parks. 

In yet another of Grand Rapids' suburb cities, the Mayor announced recently that homeowners, even owner occupied, with broken windows or damaged screens will be cited.  There will be no more mercy, and "for every one that will be upset, there will be four or five happy neighbors."  This city also recently asked for a tax increase to maintain the police and fire protection, and then promptly built a new library, and it is a nice one. 

The point in saying all of this is that governments, big and small are sliding ordinances (law) right under the noses of an unaware public.  A subcommittee of the Kent County USTPM took the first city mentioned to task on their business license ordinance and beat it.  The thing that concerns me most about this is that no one knew about the regulations on the churches until they decided it was time to enforce it, making it much more difficult to defeat.  There were several churches that just went along with the request without batting an eye.  What are they thinking?  Furthermore, at one of the meetings during the time we were fighting this battle, they went ahead and adopted the International Building Maintenance Code.  (Yes, that is what it sounds like.)

I dare not say which party all of the above people subscribe to for fear that every Republican reader will stop reading at this point.

Blatant constitutional violations, attacks on personal property rights, implementation of international code (Wait until that one is enforced, maybe it will wake you up.), lies, deceit, elected officials forcing their will on the people; when will it all end?

I promised hope.  Here it is.

American Policy Center sent me a letter last week, one in which I was very much encouraged.  It shows how a majority in local government can, in fact, alter policy to the right (moral, not political).  A majority in Carroll County, Maryland recently overturned a long list of personal property violations formerly set in place in their county.  This is not being done without attacks from those powers that are driving these atrocious policies, but it is being done.  Portions of this letter can be found at the bottom of this article.

Residents of Carroll County elected officials that are willing to stick their necks out and do what is right, regardless of repercussion.  I don't know the details of the election that placed these officials in office.  Maybe the residents were aware of the ordinances that would soon compromise them, causing them to answer to international standards and powers.  Maybe they had just gotten tired of the harassment by local government, the high taxes and overspending.  It might be that these officials were determined enough to run strong campaigns, finding enough frustrated people to support them and aid them in their efforts.  The fact is that five courageous county commissioners are literally taking on the world and reversing bad policy, and thereby ensuring appropriate liberties and freedom for a number of Maryland residents.

The job can be done, and will be done, but only by the knowledge, wisdom and will of the people.  This is where we must join hands. 

OK, the people in governing positions in all of the cities I mentioned above are predominantly, if not all, Republicans.  I watch as they are misled by attorneys who greatly profit from bad policy.  I am convinced that their hearts and minds have been steered away from the American way and the glory of the constitutional mandates by associations with politicians and power; also the conventional globalist mentality allures their thought processes. 

We must begin electing constitutional thinkers into local offices.  It is local government that won the Revolution.  The Minutemen were not lone wolves.  They answered collectively to the local governments, taking a part in policy making as well.  I'm not advocating civil war at this point, but political strength is in local government.  Local government is also more easily accessible to the masses.  We can't all go to Washington to lobby lawmakers, but we can all go to a meeting of the City Commissioners or Township Trustees from time to time.  Local officials can also be more easily held accountable.

Don't believe me?  Let me ask this, Why is Detroit in shambles while Grand Rapids is still reasonably strong?  It is not Washington's policies that ruined Detroit.  It is not state policies that ruined Detroit.  It is/was local mismanagement that ruined Detroit.  The Grand Rapids area has had much better policy implementation for decades, and it is in much better condition than Detroit.  That is changing as time goes on and office holders go unchecked.

Carroll County, Maryland has proven that proper governance can still prevail in these uncertain political times.  We need to take strength from them and move forward in our own areas.  Please join hands with the political party that holds its candidates accountable and stands for the principles that made us who we are (or were) as a nation, the USTPM.  It's time the people took it back.  It's time Americans awoke to the cares of their own interests again.  Many of our Founding Fathers pledged their lives and fortunes for the making of this great nation and their posterity (you).  What will you do? 

Portions of American Policy Center's letter is following.  Reprinted by permission.  The USTPM is not affiliated with American Policy Center in any way, but I would recommend that everyone become familiar with the organization.  Their website is:


The Plan for Recovery

Newly elected Governor, Rick Snyder recently introduced his budget proposal for consideration by the House and Senate.  There has been a wave of response in tsunamic proportions. 

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson replied in support of his plan and vowed to do everything she can to make her office more efficient and cut back to meet the demands.  The Department of Human Services on the other hand rejected the plan saying that it will hurt too many people.  Interestingly, both of these departments are taking among the least of the cuts at 0.8% each.

What will be the result of the Governor's proposal if it is implemented by the House and Senate?  That has yet to be seen.

He, without question, has taken a step in the right direction.  I applaud him for taking some of the gutsy positions he has.  We are finally hearing the word, "cut" as it applies to budgeting.  Even the Executive Office will be taking a cut of 5% if the budget recommendation is passed. 

Not every department will take a cut under the Governor's recommendation however.  The following departments are marked for an increase, Attorney General, Corrections, Environmental Quality, Military/Vet Affairs, Natural Resources, Tech. Mgt. Budget, Transportation, and Treasury.

He is proposing an elimination of the business tax, which is long overdue.  Unfortunately, his plan is to replace the overbearing tax with a 6% corporate tax; a bad idea, given that much of small business is reliant upon big business for its livelihood.  To handicap the greater is to keep an unnecessary pinch on the smaller.  The idea of, "Repeal, don't Replace" should be the cry in Lansing.

So, we see positives and negatives within the scope of his proposal.

It is my opinion that a long term recovery of the state's economy will be directly linked to four other factors.  There are also many indirect factors, but four will have a direct influence.  They are, in no particular order, the health of the traditional family, the amount of unnecessary regulation on business, the stability or instability of the moral fabric of society and the amount of unconstitutional oppression allowed to the federal government.

During my campaign for State House of Representatives in 2008, I developed a plan for Economic and Social Recovery for the State of Michigan. Below is that plan in outline form as published in 2008. 

With some reservation, I am pleased with Governor Snyder's beginning approach to correct a long time problem in our state.  I certainly hope he will continue to follow the path of correction in such a way as to make a long term solution.

Bill Mohr's Plan For

Economic and Social Recovery

Economic and Social Recovery Plan 

Economic facts

  1. We need jobs in Michigan. 
  2. Business is the provider of jobs.
  3. Small businesses and entrepreneurs provide the economic stability of a freedom and liberty based society.
  4. The prospect of prosperity once again in Michigan requires that it provide a financial environment friendly to small business.
  5. List of things that hinder small business:
    1. The high cost of taxation
    2. The high cost of unemployment insurance
    3. The high cost of workman's compensation insurance
    4. The high cost of compliance with OSHA regulations
    5. The high cost of property taxes (also passed down to leasers)
    6. The high cost of financial accounting to meet state requirements
    7. The high cost of compliance with mountains of misc. regulations

 Social facts

  1. The United States and the State of Michigan were founded on Scriptural principles, and the jurisprudence of American law is based in the Scriptures.
  2. Almighty God is officially recognized in the Michigan Constitution as the giver and provider of our blessings of freedom, and the self stated purpose for the existence of the constitution is to "secure these blessings undiminished to ourselves and our posterity."
  3. The natural family is the unit that provides the overall stability of all other entities including home, church, schools, and government.
    1. List of things that hinder the health of the natural family:

                                                              i.      Tolerance or encouragement of civil unions, whether homosexual or heterosexual unmarried couples

                                                            ii.      The high cost of taxes, including income taxes, property taxes and license and registration taxes

                                                          iii.      No fault divorce

                                                          iv.      The oppressive so called Child Protective Services organizations

                                                            v.      The lack of jobs in Michigan

                                                          vi.      Excessive regulation in housing and the automotive industries causing expensive purchases, repairs and improvements

  1. A quality education is necessary to equip our children for their future.
    1. List of things that hinder education:

                                                              i.      The rejection of religion and morality as valid curriculum material

                                                            ii.      Weak and broken families

                                                          iii.      An inability of administrators to properly discipline children

                                                          iv.      The teaching of the unsubstantiated and unscientific theory of evolution

                                                            v.      Class time taken up with liberal social indoctrination; the illegitimate replacement for knowledge

The plan for recovery

With the basis and strength of our society being the home, it does not remove the fact that currently we have an economic crisis in the State of Michigan.  The economics require immediate attention.

The first step taken then, should be to address the economics in Michigan.  Bill Mohr calls for the encouragement of small business with:

  1. Massive tax cuts to small businesses paid for by:
    1. An immediate freeze on state spending levels
    2. An immediate postponement of all non essential improvements (to be distinguished from repairs) on all state projects including roadways, new government buildings, vehicle and machinery purchases, etc. for two to five years
    3. The establishment of a panel of non-governmental employees with the purpose of identifying and reporting any additional non essential spending that can be cut
  2. The replacement of mandatory workman's compensation insurance laws with law allowing for voluntary compliance for low risk businesses less than two years old with 5 or less employees, which would allow reasonable liability law to govern in the workplace.  Mandate only that the employer make available to its employees the details of their level of compliance and the details of any policy it provides.  This works well in other states.  Bring it back to Michigan.
  3. The creation of a committee made up of non-governmental employees to review MIOSHA policies, evaluate the effects of MIOSHA policies on small business, and recommend changes to make it more small business friendly.
  4. The creation of a committee made up of non-governmental employees to discover excessive and unnecessary regulations on small business and recommend ways to reduce those burdens.
  5. The replacement of mandatory unemployment insurance law for any business less than two years old with five or less employees, with law allowing voluntary compliance requiring only that these businesses inform their employees of their level of compliance.  Businesses that are two years old or older, or that employ more than five full time people would be required to comply with the current state unemployment insurance requirements.

Any economic recovery we will achieve will be only temporary in nature unless we get to the roots of the problem.  By limiting government spending and using the excess to lift the financial burdens on small business, we will have attacked and defeated one of the hindrances to the source of the job market.  The stability of economics however, is directly linked to the character and morality of the people.  These things are developed in a child's life both at home and at school with the support of the home.

The second step taken should be to get our homes and schools in order.  Bill Mohr calls for:

  1. A resolution recognizing the jurisprudence of law relating to the family as supporting the natural family; husband, wife, and children only, forbidding all perversions thereof valid recognition.
  2. Protection of, and stable environments for children through law,
    1. Which requires accountability in divorce, and makes divorce difficult to obtain apart from the criminal behavior of one of the parties within or without the marriage, or in circumstances of fornication.
    2. Making child abuse a crime handled by the regular police organizations and punishable in the same manner as other criminal behavior.  Everyone has a right to a free trial.  CPS is a mismanaged organization hindering the family through long, tedious, very expensive, and very oppressive investigations, often leading to incorrect conclusions and results.  CPS should be reduced to no more than a subservient organization to the regular police or eliminated.
    3. An aggressive state spending cut program in order to lower all taxes laden on families, and provide jobs, so as to allow families to once again survive on the income of one parent.
  3. Recognition of the marriage vow as a valid contract between two parties, and enforceable as any other contract.
  4. A resolution with a statement of intent to adhere to the constitution of the State of Michigan which reads,  "Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools, and the means of education shall forever be encouraged", followed by adherence to the mandate.
  5. The enactment of law requiring all public school entities to use the Holy Scriptures as a world history textbook, allow a time of prayer to Almighty God as recognized in the constitution, and to teach creationism as a valid theory of the origin of man.
  6. The enactment of law requiring truth in education which would,
    1. Require all theory to be taught as theory only.
    2. Forbid the teaching of certain theoretical discoveries that have been proven false and/or fraudulent.
    3. Assure that accurate and exhaustive American history be taught.
  7. Adherence to our constitutional mandate to encourage all means of effective education.
    1. Offer tax cuts for parents choosing to use alternative means for the education of their children including, parochial, church, private, and home schools.
    2. Revoke all existing law that hinders private education.

Though there are numerous other issues to be addressed by our lawmakers in the next couple of years, I believe these things are of the utmost priority.  Little else matters if our family structure disintegrates and we loose the ability to transfer knowledge to our children.

The natural family, education and the economy are all urgent matters to be considered.  The correction of the poor economic condition is vital to helping get the family back on track, and a strong family structure is necessary to solidifying a strong long lasting economy.  Wisdom and prudence in government has become more important than ever in Michigan.

Let's get started now.


Bad science from the EPA

This is a snapshot of a page on the website of the EPA.

Will the new Republican controlled Congress get serious about spending cuts?
Here's a good place to start.  Abolish the unconstitutional EPA.

Read Myths #1 and #2.

Maybe someone would like to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and explain how the winds cause heavy
CFC molecules to rise right past the FALLING lightweight hydrogen cloride molecules? 

The Importance of Party Affiliation

The Importance of Party Affiliation


Is Party affiliation a factor to consider when you vote?


The Republican Party is often being accredited with being the conservative party, while the Democratic Party carries the liberal label.  If you had to define the words, conservative and liberal as they apply to politics, could you?


Setting aside the tags attached to the parties, let's take a brief test of where they stand on the issues.


There are six political parties on the ballot this November; Republican, Democratic, US Taxpayers, Libertarian, Green and Natural Law.  Which of these parties are pro-life?  Which of the parties believe the answer to the problematic education system is more federal government spending?  Which of these parties are for smaller government?  Which of these parties are for constitutional (the law that governs government) adherence?  Which of these parties are for the retention of American sovereignty by opposing the European draw to the New World Order?


The next question we should consider is the one at the top of this page.  Does it matter with which party a candidate associates?  Let me ask it this way.  When you vote, do you consider the party affiliation?  When you are uncertain of the specific positions of a given candidate, do you consider the party with which he or she affiliates when you make your decision?


Would it surprise you to discover that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party,


·         are both pro-choice?

·         both desire to increase federal involvement in education?

·         are both for larger government?

·         both have no regard for the Constitution?

·         are both for the rapid advancement of the New World Order and one world government?


Don't believe it?  Let me prove it to you.  Attached is a flyer.  Consider it my personal invitation to attend a Town Hall meeting sponsored by the Allegan County US Taxpayers Party of Michigan.  Everyone in the 6th Congressional District, Allegan County and all others interested should attend this meeting. 


Mel Valkner, the USTPM candidate for the 6th District will be speaking on the subject of Restoring Liberty.  Come and meet Mel.  Learn of his positions on the issues before you vote.  I will be presenting "Issues, Party by Party".  This is a presentation in which I compare the platforms of the US Taxpayers Party, Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians, and show how each party stands on the issues.


Does party affiliation matter?  We think so.  That's why we hold our candidates accountable to the Constitution, the principles of the Declaration of Independence and our party platform.


Keeping that Right


Keeping that Right


The basis of governments being the opinion of the people,

the very first object should be to keep that right...


Thomas Jefferson, January 16, 1787


What is your part in keeping that right?


One of the wonders about a Representative Republic as we enjoy in America is the idea of the placement of leaders taken from among the people.  We nominate and elect peers, friends and relatives to legislate and judge on our behalf.  This has proven to be a very effective means of self rule; that is, until corruption begins to take a foothold.


Our Founding Fathers engineered a system by which We the People can correct our own societal and governmental ills if we so choose.  Using biblical principles, they established the jury system by which we can choose to prosecute or refrain from prosecuting in accordance with certain laws, and thereby validate or nullify the laws passed down to us from our legislators.  They also provided for us a ballot box.


Though not everyone can vie for public office, everyone should have some part in the correction of our current problem of governmental decay.  Here's what you can do:


1)  Vote.  This is a fundamental moral obligation that so many neglect today.  The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan has placed many good candidates on the November ballot.  Please research the candidates yourself and then vote accordingly.


2)  Assist Candidates.  The job of running for public office is too great for one person to handle alone.  Candidates need help.  They need money and volunteers.  Please consider pledging some time to assist one of our candidates. 


3)  Contribute.  The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan is determined to nominate candidates who will stand by our Constitutions and our party platform.  The proper governance of these United States is an absolute.  If we lose it now, it will be lost forever.


4)  Post a sign.  Do you have a place in your front yard for a sign?  There are many candidates who would like to place a sign in your yard until November.  These signs do have an impact and encourage the success of a candidate.


Let's work together to Keep that Right!

Simplicity in the Health Care Debate

Is the health care debate making you sick?

On the forefront of issues is the health care issue; whether or not we should have nationalized (socialized) health care, how to engineer a plan to achieve it and how we should pay for it.  Many disagree with the concept of socialized medicine for a variety of reasons.  Many agree with the concept, but are fearful that government will likely not operate an efficient program.  The arguments are numerous and complex, but very intriguing to those who appreciate involvement in a good debate.

There is a skill among politicians to which we should be attentive.  They are very good at getting us to ask and give attention to the wrong questions.  There is one argument yet to be heard in public.  Nationalized health care is


Biblical Jurisprudence

What Is the Basis For Morality?

The Associated Press reported yesterday that Rodell Vereen, a South Carolina man, has been charged with having sex with a horse.  The horse’s owner caught him on video tape once, and then again at the round end of her shotgun.  She said the horse was acting strange and getting infections.

He was charged last year for having sex with a horse, the same horse, and pleaded guilty.  He was placed on probation and


Moderate Wolves

Beware of Moderate Wolves in Constitutional Clothing.

“I do not think we are more inspired, have more wisdom, or possess more virtue than those who will come after us.”  George Washington

This may have been the only time Washington was wrong.

Yesterday, at a Health Care Roundtable, sponsored by the Heartland Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and the Mackinaw Center, Greg Scandlen from Consumers for Health Care Choices spoke on the dangers of the proposed system of health care in America.  He did a stunning job of satisfying the average citizen’s inner quest to rebel against elected authority and its abuses of power.

How thrilling it was for me to hear him finally mention the constitution, though briefly, in the context of policy maker’s inadequacies.  What a joy to think that an influential someone understands that government has somehow loosed itself from its constitutional leash.


Be Always Sure You're Right

Be Always Sure You’re Right – Then Go Ahead.

As devoted members and supporters of the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM) we are often questioned as to why we are spending so much time, money and effort on a party that will never result in anything.  After all, we cannot win elections.  We have no political clout and will never influence government – right? 

Listening to the scoffers we learn that


Mixed Feelings on Tax Day

Tax day, April 15, 2009, was a day of mixed excitement and alarm.

On one hand, it is speculated that there were over 800 cities all over these United States in which were held organized Tea Party assemblies. People from all walks of life gathered together with one voice, hundreds of thousands in number, begging to be heard in Washington. With the peaceful protests they are requiring only that the Federal and State governments adhere to their constitutions, ensure the liberties and freedoms for which many of our fathers died, and limit government spending, thereby lowering our taxes.

On the other hand, it was heavily publicized that just one week earlier on April 7, within the same government being addressed, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a bulletin warning of potential violence


The 5 Factors to Enslave a Nation

(Submitted by Crystal Van Sickle)

America, the most free nation on earth? Terrorists hates us because of our freedom? Really? I can barely type these words without laughing hysterically. America has descended rapidly on the path of being a police state and we have been in political free fall since September 11, 2001.

I am not going to lie to you America, our country and its values, its economy and the forces that control our country are not what the average American want to see. Liberty has taken a backseat to tyranny. However, I believe that freedom is often the result of the space between the prison bars that we create for ourselves on an individual level. Yet, there are five variables that a super elite must control in order to subjugate a nation and its people. The five variables are the media, the rules governing economics, social standards, the political system and the military. This article briefly analyzes the control the super elite have over each of these four areas.


Constitutional Militia

We Must Consider the Restoration of the Constitutional Militia in the State of Michigan

The U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM) believes that the Founders and Framers wrote what they meant, and meant what they wrote.  We believe in God-given, inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as embodied in the ownership and holding of private Property.  Our Creator gave us these rights and no man, or group of men, can alienate us from these rights without due process of law, consistent with the principles and requirements of the unanimous Declaration of Independence, the Constitution  and Bill of Rights.  If we have these rights, we have the right and obligation to protect these rights.  This was affirmed in 1776 and finally ratified in 1791.



Article viii, section 1 of the constitution of the state of Michigan states, “Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.”  This is a direct quote from the northwest ordinance. 

The founders of our great state and country were very much aware that good government and happiness is dependant


The 10th Amendment

The States formed a federal government, basically, for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. States are not political subdivisions of the federal government. The Founding Fathers recognized that in a federal structure important political powers must be reserved to the component States. Therefore, the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution specifically


Constitutional Taxes

The Founding Fathers knew taxes were inevitable to support the Federal government. However, they were particular as to the type and process of taxes to be levied. We support a return to their original intentions by which we grew into a rich, free and powerful nation and therefore advocate repeal of the 16th Amendment.



The national economy and our state economy are in shambles with high unemployment and regulations that stifle free enterprise. In their centralized planning efforts, plans far from the minds of our Founding Fathers, government often picks winners and losers by use of its funding and tax policies. Thomas Jefferson addressed this saying,


Lansing Casinos



I am appalled that Mr. Bernero proposes inflicting a gambling den on the people of Lansing.  A place where working men and women can take their paychecks and lose the money needed to feed, clothe,  and house their children.  I understand that these outfits have full time Notaries on  staff so that  their victims  may sign over title to their cars and homes right on premises.

Does Mr. Bernero  have no compassion for the suffering of  the cold,  hungry, and homeless  children?  Casinos add nothing to the wealth of a nation.  They merely redistribute income from the working people who earned it to wealthy FOP’s  (Friends of Politicians).

We don’t need more income redistribution in our community.   With City government, State government, and a plethora of “Economic Development” outfits, we have quite enough income redistributed to FOP  “fat cats”.   FOP’s ought to be taken off of “welfare” and be required to  work for a living–just like the rest of us.   

Yours truly,

Joe Sanger

First NDAA; Now Enemy...

Chuck_BaldwinOn the heels of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),otherwise known as the “Indefinite Retention Act,” comes another draconian bill designed to give the federal government the power to turn American citizens into enemies of the state for virtually any reason it deems necessary.

Stephen D. Foster, Jr. has the story.

“Congress is considering HR 3166 and S. 1698 also known as the Enemy Expatriation Act, sponsored by Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and CharlesDent (R-PA). This bill would give the US government the power to strip Americans of their citizenship without being convicted of being ‘hostile’ against the United States. In other words, you can be stripped of your nationality for ‘engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States.’ Legally, the term ‘hostilities’ means any conflict subject to the laws of war but considering the fact that the War on Terror is a little ambiguous and encompassing, any action could be labeled as supporting terrorism.”

Foster goes on to say, “I hope I’m wrong, but it sounds to me like this is a loophole for indefinitely detaining Americans. Once again, you just have to be accused of supporting hostilities which could be defined any way the government sees fit. Then the government can strip your citizenship and apply the indefinite detention section of the NDAA without the benefit of a trial.”

To continue reading Chuck’s column, click here:

Natural Born

Yes there is a legal definition of “natural born Citizen”.

There is reason to believe Barack Obama knew that he is not a natural born Citizen as this term is used in the Constitution.

During the 2008 presidential election, there were numerous court cases contesting the eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of President. Allegations were being made that he was born in Mombasa, Kenya, and thereby did not meet the “natural born Citizen” requirement of the Constitution. The allegations were confirmed by Barack Obama's refusal to release complete copies of the birth records filed in Hawaii. The only document released was a copy of a short form certificate of live birth. These cases were extensively covered by, which is  one of the news sites on the Internet.

In my experience as an auditor, I learned that the most important items of information were always the items the subject of the audit did not want to provide. The initial refusal to provide copies of the original birth record raised serious questions.

I know from my experience that Hawaii did record foreign births in the 1960s. I was in the Army and stationed in Japan from 1965 to 1967. This was considered good duty because a soldier's family could accompany him, and live off post ( or in on post housing, in the case of officers and noncoms ). In discussions with my married colleagues, I was informed that if a wife ( there were no female soldiers in the unit ) became pregnant, she would go back to the states and visit her parents, to have the child. In the event that the birth was early, they would go back to the states by way of Hawaii and record the birth there, so they would have a U.S. sourced birth document. The recording in Hawaii, of births outside of the United States, was well known in the expatriate community.

Part of the standard operating procedure, for recording the birth in Hawaii, was to put a birth announcement in a coupe of local newspapers. The fact that birth announcements for Barack Obama were placed in two different papers appears to be more than a coincidence.


Definition of Tax


It’s not always enough to use the same words.

Comedians pepper their routines with the double meanings that the same words can have.  English-language students often stumble over the fact that words do not mean what they appear to be saying.  In these cases, we all enjoy the mix-up.

Sometimes, the difference between words and meanings is more serious.  Marriage counseling often revolves around the fact that although the spouses are saying the same words, they are not actually meaning the same thing.   The counselor’s role is to find the misunderstanding and create real communication.

But what happens when there is such a disconnection between the words and the meanings, and there is no counselor?
That is often the case when the citizen deals with the government.   And it’s why the conversations so often end in frustration and anger.

Let’s consider taxes.

The traditional definition of “tax” is the mechanism by which the government is funded.  The funding may have come from the citizens, or from some other source.  But the word, “tax”, meant nothing more than a funding stream.

If you asked most citizens to define “taxation”, that is the definition they would give you.

But the government has a very different definition of taxation.  In the eyes of the government, taxes are the mechanism by which they can control the behavior of citizens.  The government uses taxes to redistribute wealth, to reward or punish the location of a business enterprise, to direct personal and commercial spending decisions, and to stimulate or curtail behavior.

There has never been a conversation about the radical difference in these definitions.  In fact, the government has changed the definition through a series of actions that were designed NOT to excite a challenge on the part of citizens.  And it has been successful.

Businesses choose locations based on tax incentives, instead of market analysis.  And the result is industries that relocate to new communities to get the next tax break, instead of building roots in one place.  Companies hire employees who bring 6-month tax amnesties, and fire them at the end of the period so they can hire the next batch of 6-month tax breaks, instead of investing in long-term employees.

Citizens make decisions about preparing for retirement based on tax incentive programs, changing how and where they save their money.  People buy cars, homes, and renovations based on the language of tax codes.


Closing Government Schools

Letter to the Lansing State Journal Editor:


Dear Editor:

In alleging  (LSJ  2-13-10)  that closing government schools will result in “more shuttered and closed buildings”,  Mr. Hoholik sounds like the victim of a  government school “education”.  Clearly,  with the same number of students, private schools will likely need the same number of classrooms. 

As to cost, anyone with 2 hours education in Economic Literacy (not taught in the government schools) knows that activities taken on in a free economy cost less than the same activities undertaken by government.  In the productive sector, success comes from providing a better quality product at a lower cost.  Government decisions, on the other hand, are generally based on how the most politicians can win their next election by pandering to whichever greedy special interest groups  they believe  will provide the most money for their next  campaign -- (or the most lucrative job after they “retire” or are “retired” from elective office).

In these hard times, Michigan can get an edge by being the first state to  replace overpriced government school  “indoctrination” with lower cost higher quality private school  “education”.

Yours truly,

Joe Sanger

Economic Bad Times Just Beginning

This column is archived at


A couple of weeks ago, I was honored to attend a private gathering of influential conservative leaders just outside Washington, D.C. While many differences of opinion were expressed on a variety of subjects, there was one subject on which every single attendee was unequivocally united: the US economy is soon going to tank! As one man said, “In a couple of years, these could be the ‘good old days.’” Another thing the august assembly was agreed on was that the only Presidential candidate in the two major parties who would actually have the guts to do what needs to be done is Congressman Ron Paul. And the national press corps (including FOX News) is doing everything in its power to make sure that the American people do not hear much of what Dr. Paul has to say for that very reason.


Neither the Democrat nor Republican parties in Washington, D.C., have any intention of addressing the real reasons why the American economy is on the verge of collapse. The only thing the two major parties--and the elites who dominate them--can see is the next election. The lust for power is the one thing that both the Donkeys and the Elephants share in common. And neither party is willing to disappoint their constituents who are feeding at the teat of that fat hog known as Washington, D.C.


Democrats want to extend Washington’s insatiable appetite for deficit spending in order to promote the Welfare State. And Republicans want to extend Washington’s insatiable appetite for deficit spending in order to promote the Warfare State. Conservative or liberal, hawk or dove, Christian or secularist, Democrat or Republican: they all are lining up at the back door of Uncle Sam’s kitchen begging for a handout!


79 New Debt Ceilings


War on Terror or War on Freedom

Archived column: recent major investigative report by the Los Angeles Times sheds light on what all this “war on terror” is actually costing--and actually accomplishing. According to the report, “A decade after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, federal and state governments are spending about $75 billion a year on domestic security, setting up sophisticated radio networks, upgrading emergency medical response equipment, installing surveillance cameras and bombproof walls, and outfitting airport screeners to detect an ever-evolving list of mobile explosives.
“But how effective has that 10-year spending spree been?
“‘The number of people worldwide who are killed by Muslim-type terrorists, Al Qaeda wannabes, is maybe a few hundred outside of war zones. It’s basically the same number of people who die drowning in the bathtub each year,’ said John Mueller, an Ohio State University professor who has written extensively about the balance between threat and expenditures in fighting terrorism.”
The LA Times report goes on to say, “Like the military-industrial complex that became a permanent and powerful part of the American landscape during the Cold War, the vast network of Homeland Security spyware, concrete barricades and high-tech identity screening is here to stay. The Department of Homeland Security, a collection of agencies ranging from border control to airport security sewn quickly together after Sept. 11, is the third-largest Cabinet department and--with almost no lawmaker willing to render the U.S. less prepared for a terrorist attack--one of those least to fall victim to budget cuts.
“The expensive and time-consuming screening now routine for passengers at airport boarding gates has detected plenty of knives, loaded guns and other contraband, but it has never identified a terrorist who was about to board a plane. Only 14 Americans have died in about three dozen instances of Islamic extremist terrorist plots targeted at the U.S. outside war zones since 2001--most of them involving one or two home-grown plotters.”
The report also notes, “Large sums of Homeland Security money, critics complain, have been propelled by pork barrel politics into the backyards of the congressionally connected.”
See the LA Times report at:
Add to the LA Times report a report by Madison Ruppert. In the report, Ruppert notes that it is clearly the Bill of Rights--especially the First Amendment’s freedom of speech and the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms--that are suffering the most egregious attacks from the federal government’s “war on terror.”
Ruppert concludes his report saying, “In short, despite the fact that all the statistics and data in the world directly contradict the report’s findings and the claims made by clearly biased ‘experts’ on the threat of terrorism, especially of the homegrown variety, the HSPI  and other bodies continue to fearmonger and lie to the American people to keep us scared while they empty our pockets and continue their imperialistic adventures in the Middle East and now North Africa.”


On Thomas Jefferson


At 5, began studying under his cousin's tutor. At 9, studied Latin, Greek and French. At 14, studied classical literature and additional languages. At 16, entered the College of William and Mary. At 19, studied law for 5 years starting under George Wythe. At 23, started his own law practice. At 25, was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses. At 31, wrote the widely circulated "Summary View of the Rights of British America " and retired from his law practice.

At 32, was a Delegate to the Second Continental Congress. At 33, wrote the Declaration of Independence . At 33, took three years to revise Virginia ’s legal code and wrote a Public Education bill and a statute for Religious Freedom. At 36, was elected the second Governor of Virginia succeeding Patrick Henry. At 40, served in Congress for two years. At 41, was the American minister to France and negotiated commercial treaties with European nations along with Ben Franklin and John Adams. At 46, served as the first Secretary of State under George Washington. At 53, served as Vice President and was elected president of the American Philosophical Society. At 55, drafted the Kentucky Resolutions and became the active head of Republican Party.


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