USTPM History

First organized in 1982, the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan has a rich history of leadership with character, zeal and a love for their country like no other political party in the last century.


Statement of Purpose

US Taxpayers Party of Michigan

Upholding the Constitution

The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan shares your concern that our elected leaders are corrupting our government by neglecting to follow their constitutional boundaries. We believe adherence to the constitutions of our federal and state governments is essential for the preservation of our society, our rights and our liberties.  It is upon these foundations that our nation became the greatest nation in all of history - the greatest nation ever. For several decades our lawmakers have been abusing the power entrusted to them and bringing about detriment to our liberties and to our nation. It cannot continue forever. There will be a sad ending to this story if left unchecked.


About Us

The US Taxpayers Party and its national affiliate, the Constitution Party, is our Nation's  fastest growing political party.
And for some VERY good reasons!

The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM) is Michigan's recognized affiliate of the national Constitution Party. The national party was formed in 1992 under the name of the Taxpayer's Party, but changed its name in 1999 to the Constitution Party. The laws of the state of Michigan hindered the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan's intention to undergo the same name change, and therefore we still bear the original name. In just a few short years together with the national party, it has become the third largest party in America, and the fastest growing.

What does the USTPM stand for?


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